Much has been said about the gun control laws in the US. The ease in which an individual can acquire the deadly weapon in the US is objectionable.

The gun culture in the US has developed for decades leading to a great margin of loss and damage to life and there have been no fundamental changes made in these laws.  Mass shootings and gun violence is one of the most common catastrophic event that occurs in the United states. Late history gives little motivation to be hopeful about gun laws. The gun campaign has prevailing regards to showing mass gun possession as a foundational component of American life, due to the protection of the second amendment of the US constitution. The elucidation of the privilege to remain battle ready as an issue of individual and not aggregate resistance made progress simply following a long-time frame of campaigning and came as firms discovered new custom by advancing guns as basic for individual security. Thus, gun control continues to a problematic concern for the citizens of the United states.

The following are a few shocking facts about gun control in the US: –


  • Massive shootings occur 9 out of 10 days in the US. Few sociologists suggest that on an average there is a mass shooting in the United states nine out of ten days and these shootings result in four or people being shot on an average.


  • Most Americans claim to own an expected 265m guns, more than one weapon for each American adult citizen, as indicated by the most conclusive representation of US firearm possession in two decades. Yet, the new overview evaluates that 133m of these guns are gathered in the hands of only 3% of Americans – a gathering of super-owners as they call it who have amassed an average of 17 guns each.


  • Around 7 American school children or teenagers are shot dead or end up with an injury due to gun violence on a daily basis. On an average around 1,50,000 school children have experienced a shooting within campus.



  • In 2016 more youths were killed in gun fire than any other previous millennium. Around 1,640 people belonging to the young generation of the country passed away due to gun fire in 2016


  • More than 2/3rd suicides in the US are firearm deaths. The number of times a gun has been used in a suicide is less than the number it has been used for a homicide.


  • Every third person in the US has met someone who has either experienced a mass shooting or has lost someone to a mass shooting.




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