X3 Multi-Gun is a private club


X3 Multi-Gun is a private club that shoots matches on the ranges of three different private clubs located in Holser Canyon, Piru, California.  Below are the range rules of these clubs.


1.  The Deadwood Boys shooting range is a private club on the south side of Holser Canyon Road.  Use of the Deadwood Boys range is by permission only.  Private use is allowed only with an annual membership and daily shooting fee of $10.00 dollars paid to the range master upon entry and sign in at the Wes Thompson’s Piru Gun Range main office.  Shooting is allowed only between the hours of (7.00 am and 5.00 pm). Members are allowed to bring guests to the range at a cost of $10.00 for the first guest and $15.00 for each additional guest after that.  Guests are required to join either the X3 or Deadwood Boys club after their second visit in order to continue shooting on the range.


2.  The speed limit while traveling to and from the range on Holser Canyon Road is 15 mph.   Failure to adhere to this limit will result in loss of range privileges.


3.  The Deadwood Boys range is considered a cold range.  This means that firearms may be loaded only on the firing line or in a designated loading area.


4.  While on the range, eye protection is mandatory, and ear protection is highly recommended. (This includes spectators).


5.  Steel and reactionary targets may only be engaged with ammunition that has a maximum velocity of 1400fps. All other ammunition must be shot only on paper targets.  The long range targets on the Deadwood Boys hillside may only be shot at with slow moving lead ammunition.


6.  No steel core or armor piercing ammunition of any kind is allowed on the range. This type of ammunition will damage and destroy targets and is a fire hazard.  It is your responsibility to know what you are shooting.


7.  The Deadwood Boys range is a pistol caliber and shotgun range only, NO high powered guns of any kind are permitted.


8.  No alcohol is permitted on the range while shooting.  Alcohol may only be consumed after all guns have been completely put away.


9.  You are required to pick-up after yourself; this means brass, hulls, paper targets, trash, etc.  Please leave the range clean and neat for the next person.


10.  If you are camping on the range, you must have permission from either Lefty Longridge (661-373-2709) or Sam Houston (714-329-6484).  No open fires are allowed without permission.  Please deposit your trash in the large dumpster on your way out.


11.  No parking is allowed along the edge of the creek bed (This is an emergency access lane).


12.  High power weapons may only be shot across the road at the “Hole In The Wall” gun club on the north side of Holser Canyon.  With high-power weapons, you may only engage the 6 steel “flasher” targets up on the hillside from no closer than 100 yards or paper targets. No other steel targets are to be shot at for any reason–be sure that any paper targets do not have any steel targets behind them.  If you wish to shoot only pistol and shotgun please do it on the Deadwood Boys range on the south side of the road.


13.  No steel core ammunition of any kind is allowed on the range. It is your responsibility to know what you are shooting.  This type of ammunition will destroy targets and is a fire hazard.


14.  Shooting at paper targets is permitted.  Please be responsible and pick up  your trash and spent targets.


15.  You must police your brass and spent casings.


16.  We are guests at the Hole In The Wall club! Do not abuse this privilege, otherwise we will lose it.  This is especially true if we damage their low-velocity steel targets or facilities. Please be courteous towards Hole In The Wall members when you use their range.


17.  The Hole In The Wall gun club holds its monthly matches on the 1st and 5th Sunday of the month, you are not allowed to shoot on the range either of these days.